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ADATA Dog & Security Service Pvt Ltd is dedicated to raising, training & providing dog service to people that legitimately need them. ADATA is a candidate program for Assistance Dogs International and adheres to a high standard of training for both dogs & handlers. ADATA is dedicated to using positive reinforcement training methods with our dogs.

Inspired by countless clients over the years who have had trouble finding a quality dog to assist them with their disabilities, ADATA Dog & Security Service Pvt Ltd was founded in 2007 by Late Danda Pani Bhattarai who dedicatedly served as a Chief in Central Police Dog Training School of Nepal Police for a long period of 32 years. As the owners of a dog training and behavior consulting company, Amit Bhattarai & Lalit Tamang used to helping dogs of all shapes and sizes with their training and behavior needs. When they began consulting with people interested in service dogs, it became clear that the demand for good dogs far outweighed the supply. As Amit & Lalit advised individuals interested in “owner trained service dogs” they also assisted with all the aspects involved in the selection, evaluation and training of puppies and dogs for service work. The work with the clients and the so often long and heartbreaking journey to find a dog led them to create ADATA with the hope of providing appropriate dogs to those who truly need them.

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