Breed Overview:

Height: 9-11 inches

Weight: 7-10 pounds

Activity level: High

Grooming needs: Moderate

Shedding: Low

Hypoallergenic: Yes

Tendency to Bark: Low

Kid Friendliness: Moderate

Typical Price Range: $$$

Potential health issues: Musculoskeletal disorders

Have you ever seen an Affenpinscher? These adorable little dogs are as energetic as could be – perhaps that’s why their name literally translates to “Little Monkey” in German! With a shaggy coat, a mischievous face, and a very playful attitude, the Affenpinscher makes a loyal, intelligent companion.

Affenpinscher colors range from beige to black, with silver, grey, red, and black and tan colors being among the most common. They shed very little, but they do need regular bathing and nail trims. Unfortunately, affenpinschers are not the best with little kids but they’re among the best small dog breeds for mature, fairly active families.

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